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Now I Understand the Importance of Creating Our Family Legacy

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Now I Understand the Importance of Creating Our Family LegacyDear mom who wants and needs family photos in South Carolina:

You’re going to need a lot of coffee after a long night playing nurse to your youngest child, and today you are the carpool mom-of-the-day for your middle child and his classmates. As you enter the coffee shop, you have your youngest in your arms, your middle one is clinging to your pant leg, and your head is on a constant swivel trying to keep a watchful eye on your rambunctious oldest kid. Your hair is in a messy bun chic—complete with bits of cereal.

We see you!

You pile the kids back into the car. You drop off your middle child at the carpool. You run in for the warm hand-off, and in the living room of the Smith’s split level, above the fireplace you see family photographs beautifully framed and artistically hung. You instantly feel the tug . . . the tug you have felt more and more lately. You hear the voice in your head say: I don’t have anything resembling this in my house. Where are pictures of my family on our walls?

A wave of envy washes over you. You suddenly feel that you aren’t taking time to preserve the moments you have as your children grow too fast. The kind of feeling that makes you ask yourself: Where can I go to capture the beautiful moments with my family? Images that say ‘there is love in my home!’

We see you!

You take a quick break at work to scan your family photos on your phone and you realize you have so many that have never been printed, and more importantly, you notice that you aren’t in many of them! Suddenly, you review your mental checklist and your gaze is a million miles away as you realize that tonight there is dinner to make, the kitchen to clean, homework to monitor, baths to give, bedtime stories to read, laundry waiting to be washed, dried, folded and put away. Where is the carpooling schedule? Are there any medical appointments tomorrow? Is it your turn to bring snacks to the softball game?

Who can you call to help make things easier?

We see you!

You’re exhausted. You’ve picked up the kids, made and served dinner and cleaned the kitchen, you’ve finally you pried hubby from the tv to go referee the children who are yelling and jumping on the bed.

Then you start reviewing the calendar. You figure out a game plan for the week. It’s much later than you thought, so there will be no relaxing bath for you tonight.

We see you!

Finally, you are on the couch for a cup of tea. You look at the photos on your phone again and wonder how to turn them into a beautiful arrangement like the one you saw earlier today. Something breaks upstairs and you get up to inspect the damage.

We see you!

It’s the weekend, and after sports in the morning and a day filled with errands, you can finally unwind for the evening. This is your chance to relax, have some wine, maybe a date night with hubby, or dinner with your BFFs. In between the conversations, you think about those family photos you saw on the wall, and you know you want to get them done, but you just don’t want to give up time with your tribe to put on a show for a photographer. Given your hectic schedule you just want to relax with the fam and enjoy Charleston and all it has to offer.

We see you!

Hey there busy mom! I’m a photographer in South Carolina who will come to your home. I will plan the entire session, the outfits, the location, and show you some poses. I specialize in creating beautiful timeless family images designed especially for display in a stylish family home. My wall art will compliment your décor perfectly. I make sure the images are the right size and help you decide where to hang them… I will even hang them for you! When you see these images on your wall, you won’t be able to stop smiling because you realize just how much love there is. The love you have built!

We see you!

Yes, we see you, Mom. We see your heart and feel the love you have for your family. My photography will show you the stuff you miss too often. Let us capture the moments that matter most and last a lifetime.

Years from now, when your kids look at these images, they will hear your voice, remember your touch, your warm embrace, feel your hugs and how you kissed their foreheads. They will treasure these images because it is you who gave them the moon and the stars.

We see you!

We are ready to make your photo dreams come true!

We are THE family photographers in Charleston South Carolina!

Arthur Ellis, is owner and photographer at Arthur Ellis Photography, in Charleston, SC. One of his specialties is Family & Children photography. He can be reached through his website:


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