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Capturing Life's Moments with Artistry and Passion


Hello, I'm Arthur Ellis, the person behind the camera at Arthur Ellis Photography. It's a privilege and responsibility to be your chosen photographer. My focus is on creating images that resonate deeply with you and your loved ones, crafted to be treasured and passed down through generations. Your trust in my work is paramount, and I'm committed to delivering prints, wall art, and albums that you will absolutely love.

Image of Arthur Ellis Photographer
Wall art of framed pictures of clients who have had me take their pictures

The Art of Adaptability in Photography

As a visual chameleon, I adapt to the diverse realms of photography with ease. My specialties range from capturing the dynamic and heartfelt moments of family gatherings, the individual elegance of portrait photography, and even the empowering boldness of boudoir sessions. In each of these domains, I strive to be your versatile visual storyteller, bringing your unique stories to life through my lens.

Crafting Your Photography Session Experience

My photography sessions are about more than taking pictures; I want to craft a memorable experience. I take the time to understand you and your family so I can foster a comfortable atmosphere where natural relationships and connections shine through. Our sessions go beyond standard poses; they're filled with laughter, spontaneity, and genuine moments. My aim is to let you forget you're in a photo session so the real magic can unfold, and I can capture your most beautiful images ever.

Through the Lens: Capturing Stories in Every Frame

In photography, I believe the camera is more than a tool; it's an extension of storytelling. Each click captures a moment, weaving together the chapters of your life's story. My focus is on the genuine, the candid, and the beautifully imperfect moments that define us. I strive to freeze these fleeting moments in time for you to treasure forever. My vision is rooted not just in creating pictures, but in capturing the emotions, laughter, and stories behind them.

This is just a glimpse into my photographic journey. Let's embark on creating unforgettable memories together from your life's special moments!

How It Works

A handsome man posing for a picture


Dedicated to understanding you and your loved ones, ensuring every session reflects your family's unique bond.

Very young child posing for a picture

High End Portraits

Committed to creating luxury, printed portraits that encapsulate your most cherished moments.

Mother and her son in a field

Color and B&W

Offering a choice of vibrant color or classic black-and-white portraits to best capture your preferred aesthetic.

Behind the Scenes of an Arthur Ellis Photography Session


"I was anxious about my body. I always look horrible in pictures and I don’t think I am very photogenic. Arthur took his time and made sure that he got THE BEST shots possible of my family, even with a busy 2 year old! He made it fun and it felt natural. Our pictures came out perfect!

~ Cheryl T.

1 year old child with balloons on her birthday


Published Images

  • Cover photograph LeDesir 10/22

  • My Favorite Pastime (60+ image book)

  • Unbroken Ink (Artist's Images in published book)

  • Humanitas (Publication of MUSC Medical Center)

  • Cobblestones (Publication of the Junior League of Charleston, Inc)

  • My Charleston (Publication of Post and Courier, Charleston, SC)

  • Inside Carolina (Athletic Publication of the Carolinas)

  • Post and Courier (Multiple sports images)

  • City of McClellanville, SC Chamber of Commerce Marketing Materials

Magazine cover of a young woman
Beautiful woman posing for a beauty photograph
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