FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions!! 

“Your experience doesn’t end with your shoot. Afterwards you’ll be treated to an in-person viewing of your finished images. If you’re like most of my clients, you probably want something beautiful to display in your home.


I know it can be hard to envisage what you can do with your photographs, that’s why I show you exactly what they could look like on your walls or in an album. You’ll be blown away with what we can create together. But don’t worry, you’ll not be subjected to any hard-core sales pitch or put under any pressure to purchase something you don’t want or need.


Did I mention that there will be coffee and cake to aid the creative process…”

Frequently asked questions

What if I don't like too many of the images?

Not to worry! My gaurentee is: If you are not happy with the images we will re-shoot the session and the session fee is on me!

When can I see my images?

Generally, within 24 hours you will get a sneek peek and within a week you will have an in-preson reveal!!

What happens if I have an emergency the day of the session?

An emergency has come up, the weather has turned for the worse, my child/ren have a fever, or I am not feeling well. Don't worry we will work together to figure out another date and time should an emergency occur.

My pledge to you!

I’m a perfectionist in every way — especially in how I serve my clients. Email responses and image turnaround will always be speedy! If you have a special deadline, I will try to honor it at no extra charge. That’s how I roll — you are important to me!

What are you sessions like?

Our sessions always begin with a pre-session consultation either by phone or zoom to get acquainted, learn a bit about each other, what you are looking for, the prodcuts you might want to focus on (this helps me frame the images in the camera!!) learn about what is motivating you to schedule a session, and generally what you like and don't like in the final images. We discuss possible dates, times, wardrobe, props, and schedule an alternative date should if the weather could be a factor. The week of the session we touch base several times to make sure we are going to nail the session.

How should I or we dress for a session?

The right wardrobe will make these images GREAT. Conversely, the wrong outfits will turn them from great to snapshots. Not only are we going to have a call and exchange images, I am going to send you a couple of wardrobe guides to ensure your images are just awesome. We are going to color and pattern coordinate both you as well as the colors of the location. Here are some guidelines for ensuring your images are AWESOME!

I can't thank you enough for taking this step to contact me to discuss making images together!!
A Consultation Call
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Introductory Call
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