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Boudoir Photography FAQ

Answering Your Questions on Intimate Portraiture

Arthur Ellis Photography believes that boudoir photography is about revealing a side of yourself that you may not see every day. It’s not just about how you look; it’s about capturing and embracing the beauty and strength within you. Our sessions are designed to highlight your unique essence and potential, transcending the everyday reflection in the mirror. Let us show you the empowering and beautiful force of nature you truly are through a transformative boudoir experience.

Boudoir photography allows you to create something deeply personal, whether it's a gift for a cherished partner or a special celebration of yourself. Embrace this opportunity to capture your elegance and sensuality with Arthur Ellis Photography. We cater to clients in Charleston, North Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, West Ashley, Summerville, and Daniel Island, and have extended our services to Columbia, Myrtle Beach SC, and even Charlotte, NC. We're committed to creating a comfortable and empowering experience wherever you are.

woman poising for a boudoir portrait on a bed
  • Worried about keeping your images private?
    I will never, EVER, publish any photos you have not approved for use in marketing my photography business EVER. I will not violate your trust. Many clients ask that their images not be published and they are never published.
  • Tell me what the first step is!
    First you schedule a no-sales, no-pressure, pre-session consultation. We will go through the entire process and you can ask any all all questions you have on your mind!
  • What is included?
    Style Consultation Makeup Champaign, wine or your fav beverage Chocolate or your favorite treat Personalized viewing and ordering session with me
  • Where do these sessions take place
    GREAT question!! The three most popular locations include, your home (you will feel right at home here!!) my home studio, or a local hotel. I have several favorite hotels to choose from.
  • What happens when I arrive for the photo session?
    We will pick clothing and poses to flatter you and make you feel sexy, confident, alluring and beautiful. ​ My hair and makeup artist will keep you 100% involved in the getting-ready process (because we want to keep you looking like YOU!). After your makeup and hair are perfect you will change into your first outfit. Now is generally when you notice the flock of butterflies in your stomach which are fluttering like crazy, Now it's FINALLY time to get started. The only reason you fear this part, is because you have no clue what to expect and that is 100% normal. I start some fun music on Pandora or other playlists and then we start SUPER simple. I have you lay down and look up at me, and I have you breathe through your mouth. That's it. You survive those 5 clicks of my camera, and the rest of the session is history. That ONE very simple pose will be the only one that is daunting, until you realize that the "sexy face" is no more than a breath through the lips, and looking at me. I will pose your legs, your arms, your arch, ALL OF IT. For you to love this experience and your beautiful images, all that is required of you is FAITH that I will get you through this. You have to trust me, trust the process, trust the knowledge I've gained over years of experience. The rest? I got you, babe
  • Can I bring someone with me?
    Absolutely, positively, YES!! I encourage you to bring a friend or family member. They will receive the same warm welcome from me that you will! They will want to bring a book as the sessions can last up to 3 - 4 hours.
  • I just don't know how to be sexy, or pose and I am really nervous ..."
    I am 100% sure, no doubt about it, totally positive, you will channel your inner goddess as soon as you feel safe and secure. I am extremely good at making you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. I have wonderful poses that will bring out your inner sensuality. I bring a pose "playbook" with images of past clients and/or examples of the pose so you can see for your self what we are striving for. Once you take your first couple of images you will begin to relax and that is when the magic happens.
  • Do I have to get naked??
    Of course not! You can reveal as much or as little as you wish. Your decolletage is the most alluring and sensual area IMHO. Focusing on this area will give you photos you will treasure forever! We would NEVER neglect the other areas and will incoporate all your lovely features in our photographs.

Begin Your Empowering Journey Today!

Discover the empowering experience of boudoir photography through Arthur Ellis Photography in Charleston, SC. Contact us to explore and celebrate your unique femininity in a safe, respectful setting. Let's create something beautiful you’ll treasure forever.

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