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Why Family Photography is Important to Invest In

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Why Family Photography is Important to Invest In

What is family photography worth? At Arthur Ellis Photography, we know that it’s worth more than just a thousand words—it’s worth a lifetime. In today’s fast paced, digital world, we snap photos all the time. Check the social media accounts of your favorite celebrities and your friends or family, and you’ll find photos of what they had for breakfast, or how much foam was in their afternoon cappuccino. The instant accessibility of photos was meant to make us feel more connected, but ironically, they’ve only made us more disconnected. We snap them without thinking. We scroll though pages of them when we’re bored. We take photos for granted.

When we think of family photography, we often feel detached from the classic, framed photos our parents and grandparents hung on the wall. We’re used to the instant gratification of a social media post, and therefore, we forget the value of family photography and just how much it means. Don’t wait until the years have passed you by. One day, you’ll look back at your abundance of daily social media photos and find they don’t have the emotion or memories of just one photo of your parents, or you and your siblings when you were young.

Here in Charleston, SC, Arthur Ellis Photography honors the timeless tradition of photography. Long before smartphones or even disposable cameras, photography was an event. Families dressed up. They held the pose. They anticipated the news that their portrait was ready to frame. We’ll never see a photo of what our great grandparents had for breakfast. We won’t know what shoes they wore to work, or scroll though photos of their manicures. We don’t know what sort of coffee they drank in the morning. Instead, what we have from that era is infinitely more valuable. We don’t have social media posts—we have photos. Real, honest to goodness photos that are like looking straight into the past. We can imagine ourselves there for a moment.

Family photos in particular capture a special charm. They have meaning to us that can’t always be put into words. Seeing a photo of our great-grandmother, or a beloved great uncle who has long since passed away is a rare treat. We look for the family resemblance. We feel as though we’re holding a piece of time in our hands—because we are. How often do we think about how future generations will see our photos? Our great-great grandchildren will doubtless be inundated with information about our day to day. They’ll be able to look up our selfies and read glimpses into our lives. But will they cherish these with the same regard we have for those classic sepia photos? Will our black-and-white filtered sesame seed bagel or our bored work selfie be hanging on a wall in a thrift shop?

There’s a reason classic photos of generations past are seen as a form of art: because they are. But the good news is that photography like this still exists. Today, it’s possible to upload photos of your rustic bread bowl and also have a timeless photo to hang proudly above your mantle. It’s still possible for families to dress up, gather together, and smile for that bright flash. And it’s equally possible to capture that priceless moment when you announce your wedding engagement, walk down the aisle, or gather for a family reunion with the relatives you only see once every few years.

Family photography is an invaluable investment—not just in the final print, but in the memories you’ll get to keep forever. Arthur Ellis Photography is here to capture this magic for you. When families gather together in this formal setting, they’re bonded by the experience. Picture this (no pun intended): The wall that lines your staircase, or the wall above your fireplace, lined with generational photos. You and your spouse as newlyweds. Your first child. Second child, and so on. In each photo, the subtle changes take shape. You’re wearing that year’s fashion, that year’s haircut. Your children are getting bigger. You’re smiling in every frame.

How often do you go back and look at your old social media posts? Would you hang any of them on your wall? Sure, you share them with your family and friends—or even the world—but they disappear in your news feed. Out of sight, out of mind, as the old saying goes.

More than we would care to admit, we all have those moments that we wish we could hold on to. A first kiss. A first dance. A warm memory with our grandparent. Even baking cookies in our childhood home with our parents. What would we pay to have a photo of these moments hanging on our wall forever? The answer is that these memories are priceless, and sadly they’re rare. When people think of family photography, they often think of the traditional family photos: a backdrop, the entire family with neatly combed hair, and forced smiles. But family photography is so much more than that. It’s a priceless memory with those who matter most. And we’re here to capture them for you so that you’ll have them forever.

No matter your special occasion, we’re here to capture you at your best. Family photos aren’t limited to studios. We’ll come to you. Let’s chat about your family and the important milestones in your family. Birthdays, graduations, school transitions, athletic events, parties, proms, get-togethers, and special announcement photos—we’re here to make you look your best and create lasting moments no matter where you are. There’s a photo package for every occasion. Shatter your expectations and the sky is the limit.

Arthur Ellis Photography is here to take the pictures that matter the most. The pictures that you’ll look at every single day. The pictures that will evoke warm memories of the best days of your life. The pictures that will hang on the wall as you gather beneath them for family movie nights, or as you celebrate holidays, or enjoy family meals. The pictures that bring your family together. The pictures that are there as you live your life. How much are these moments worth to you? We believe they’re priceless. Our passion is to give you lasting memories. Your satisfaction is our guarantee, and your timeless memories are our promise.


Arthur Ellis is a family, headshot, and boudoir photographer located in Charleston SC.

He can be contacted through his website at:

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