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5 KILLER Reasons To Do A Boudoir Session.

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

5 KILLER Reasons To Do A Boudoir Session.There are so many reasons to schedule a boudoir session and if these don't apply don't worry I am going to list more in the upcoming blog posts so stay with me!! Charleston, SC is filled with exciting locations for boudoir photography but all you really need is a room, a few well chosen props and a reason. Here are a few that I think are KILLER!! :)

Woman sitting on a bed laughing during a boudoir session
Having fun is what Boudoir is about!

1. You are always comparing yourself to other women – I think this might be a universal thing. It is something that we all do. I think it is impossible not to compare. Once you get on the other side of the camera you WILL realize that you, my friend, are beyond compare, that you are unique, one-of a kind, woman and when you see your images there will be NO doubt in your mind that you are beyond compare.

2. You need a photo for your online dating profile – I plan each shoot to ensure that you get images that are beautiful, social media appropriate but a little bit suggestive along with those that you want to savor and those that you would only show your most trusted partner. From oversized sweatshirts, football jerseys, swimsuits, boyfriend shirts to the other end of the spectrum to include partial and implied nudity. You choose the poses, the outfits, and the amount of skin you show that makes you feel most comfortable.

Woman lying on a bed in a bodysuit during a boudoir session.
Boudoir is about being yourself

3. It’s your birthday – This is the 2nd most popular reason women schedule sessions (the first is wedding boudoir as a pre-ceremony gift for the soon-to-be hubby). The best birthday to celebrate with a boudoir session is, frankly, ANY BIRTHDAY!! 😊

4. You’ve turned 30 – you’ve made your mistakes, started adulting, found some confidence and want to show the world that confidence and that you are the prize. Once you are in-front of the camera you will instantly feel the rush of confidence and strength begin to wash over you. We start with simple non-stressful poses and work up to more intimate images that capture your personality and your beautiful sexy self.

5. You’ve turned 60 – Good golly, you’ve done so much, people seek you out for advice and counsel, and you’ve found your voice. You are practically a goddess, and you feel in-charge and know that you have conquered almost all there is. You want to celebrate this milestone by showing yourself and the world that there isn’t anything that intimidates you or anything you can’t conquer in your own space. The raw beauty that comes from living your life, finding the confidence that comes with this age is THE most beautiful and sexy thing EVER! Capture it and reflect on your luxury album or matted prints as often as you want.

Woman with long hair sitting on a bed in a boudoir session
Boudoir let's you get out of your comfort zone

I shoot everyday women and couples not models. Yes, models can also be clients, but for the most part regular everyday moms, single moms, divorced woman, single women, women that have had augmentations and couples that know that deep inside them lies a sensual and sexy self-waiting to emerge. You will get in-touch with your bravery, strength, and confidence. Shortly after a session starts, you will realize that I’ve created a safe space for you to be yourself and to show your intimate side. It’s the most important gift you can give to yourself.

You got this!!

Arthur Ellis specializes in boudoir photography and is in Charleston SC.

He can be contacted through his website at:

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