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Just lean into it!!

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

You have to decide to lean into it.

Ya know, your problems, your grief, your unhappiness, your sense of hopelessness, your confusion on what your future looks like ... all the hard sh*t that life throws your way. 🖤

Your decision to STOP RUNNING from hard things will change your life, I promise you that. It's scary, it's uncomfortable, it's unsettling--but the rewards of showing up and fighting for the best version of you are UNREAL. 🖤

You wanna know some 'tough love' news? It's on you. If you are unhappy? It's on you. If you are feeling stuck? It's on you. If you refuse to move forward? It's on you? 🖤

But the beautiful part of that is---you don't have to rely on ANYONE else to be happy, to make plays in your life, to CHANGE the current state of what you are accepting. YOU get to decide to want MORE for yourself. 🖤

Boudoir is about fighting the urge to run from all of it--it's leaning into your valleys and celebrating the mountains. And you are ready for this NOW--no matter what the scale says, no matter who is walking in and out of your life, no matter what number is in your bank account. You want this? You can have this. You just have to make the decision to lean in. 🖤

Simply courageous!

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