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Yooooooou Are Worthy!!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

You, like Taylor will have a wonderful time!

Yooooooou Are Worthy!!Above all, the reason you talk yourself out of this experience, is because you feel like you do not deserve it.

Somewhere out there, is a person who convinced you that you aren't worthy--aren't worthy of investing in yourself, aren't worthy of betting on yourself, aren't worthy of seeing yourself as beautiful.

It's bullshit.

My biggest fear is that we are going to live a life chained to our excuses. I don't want to be that 95 year old man in the nursing home--the one who is riddled with regret, the one who wishes he had seized more opportunities, the one who wishes he could have just gotten brave and done something extraordinary in his life.

I don't want you to be him either.

You are ready for this now. You are deserving. You are beautiful--even if it's so hard to believe it, know that it's the truth. Stop letting people who failed to see your worth, define your worth for you.

Do this for YOU.

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