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There is never a better time to enjoy a boudoir photography session!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

There is never a better time to enjoy a boudoir photography session!I could tell you to wait until you are perfect.

Until you finally find your soulmate weight loss program so that you can feel more confident in your skin, until you get that boob job you’ve been debating on, until you get a better paying job so that you don’t feel so dang guilty when you spend money on yourself, until you have more “you” time and aren’t juggling sweet littles and their infinite demands, until you get your adult acne under control, until you have the six pack you’ve been dreaming of and a butt that rivals J.Lo, until your marriage gets worked out, until you feel like you aren't drowning all the time.

I could tell you to wait, but I never will. Because in all honesty, you’d be waiting the rest of your life. I have never, EVER photographed a perfect woman (even if her images scream perfection!) The incredible women I meet every day come in with dark secrets, struggles that keep them up at night, doubts that threaten to completely engulf them. We all struggle, and there in incredible beauty in that—because it means none of us walk alone.

Every single thing about you that makes you “imperfect” is a page of your beautiful story. It is my life goal to tell your story authentically—in a way that is raw and real so that your images will reflect the woman you are today, and elude to the woman you are becoming. Your imperfections are the most stunning parts of you—they are proof of your resilience. They are the scars of battles you have won.

You will NEVER have it all together (and thank god! Because neither will I!) But, where you are in this exact moment, is a place to be celebrated. You are the only YOU that there ever was, or that ever will be. Stop waiting—you are worthy and enough TODAY, just as you are.

I’m so glad you are perfectly imperfect—it means we all have something in common.

I would be thrilled to chat with you about scheduling your boudoir session.

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