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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Step Outside Your Comfort ZoneI’m not a huge fan of comfort zones.

Rest assured, I want to make sure you are comfortable when you arrive and I'm going to ease you into this process--but I never want you to walk away when it's all said and done and say "I never let myself go. I played it safe, and I wish I'd really explored more of myself.”

You think you can't do this because you are a mom who rocks the same tee for four days and lives on coffee, dry shampoo, and a prayer. You think you can't do this because you aren't in the same size jeans you wore in high school, or because you have some lumps/bumps. You think you can't do this because you don't feel worthy enough/beautiful enough/brave enough.

What would it look like for you if you could break up with all the lies swirling around in your brain that tell you that you can't be MORE? What would you give to feel celebrated, comfortable in your skin, beautiful in spite of a few things you'd like to change?

Yes, I'm going to push your boundaries of comfort--because you are worth that to me, and because I know the potential that lives inside you.

If I told you that you would go through five minutes of sheer terror, but then gain a lifetime worth of things like: forgiving yourself, self-compassion, understanding, self-worth, healing, learning to shift your focus from fighting the past to building yourself up----would it be worth it to you?

I see you . . .

I am ready if you are . . .

I am Arthur . . .

I am a photographer . . .

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