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It's time to be the REAL you!

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

It's time to be the REAL you!Raise your hand if you always come 'thiiiis-close' to booking a boudoir session, but then talk yourself out of it? 🤚

Maybe you've come as far as actually reaching out for info, or maybe you just scroll and scroll--you stare at the portraits, you get lost in the captions, you think about all the reasons why this CANNOT be you. You aren't as skinny as this girl, you don't have the sultry stare of that girl, you don't think you can afford it, you don't have anyone to 'gift' the images to...and the list goes on. 🤔

Can we just land that plane before it crashes? Lemme speak some truth to you today okay? If we are gonna get really honest, it's not about the money. With my flexible payment plans, this experience is 100% affordable. It's not about the outfits, or the location, or about having no one to give them to. The reason you haven't booked, is because you haven't really committed to figuring out your "why".... you need a WHY that is strong enough to make you push PAST all of the EXCUSES. 🔥

The ONLY difference between YOU and any client who has been in front of my camera, is figuring out WHY you want/need to do this for YOURSELF. Not for him, or her---for YOU. You see, everyone I've ever photographed has been just as nervous, just as worried about the investment, just as scared that they couldn't pull it off----but their WHY outweighed their EXCUSES. 🖤

Some of the WHY's from I hear often: -'To heal from all of emotional abuse I've experienced in the past, both from romantic relationships and from my parents. I want to see myself for who I am, not for who they say I am.' -'To finally be able to see in myself what all of my loved ones see.' -'To do something for myself. I always do for others and I'm always on the back burner. Not today.' -'To do something out of my comfort zone. I need to know that I can still be sexy and be a mom of four + a wife.' -'To remind myself that I am desirable and hot AF even though I haven't had a date in years.' 😍

I want you to sit with yourself and this question: "WHY do I REALLY want to do this?" Once you DECIDE to commit to that why, the excuses are going to evaporate. 😘

A few Lemme ask you this question: What is worse? A few nerves leading up to this experience, or a lifetime of wishing you'd gone for it and wondering what could have come from it if you had?

Chrissy P.

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