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Conquer your fear of boudoir

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Conquer your fear of boudoirI want to

take an opportunity to dive just a little deeper into what a boudoir experience with me is like. Here are a few facts about what you can expect as you teeter on the edge of booking or not.

#1. There are plenty of incredible photographers out there who will pose you on a gorgeous bed, with a stunning headboard and 1,000s of beautiful props. They will place you in the most perfect light, pose you in every Pinterest pose you request, and airbrush each image to perfection.

That photographer isn't me. I'll never search for perfection when I'm photographing you--I'll search for your raw truth. I'll photograph who you *really* are--not just on your best day, but every day.

#2. All session experiences include hair/makeup by my trusted artists, a prep guide and access to me at any time to help you throughout the process, and the session itself.

#3. We have BOMB payment plan options. We have pre-session piggy banks, post-session plans of 2, 4, or 6 months, and other fun options! Never let MONEY be the reason you don't do this--reach out to me and we can work something out, I guarantee it!

#4. You are *never* expected to know how to pose, how to "be sexy", or how to know what the hell you are doing. I specialize in boudoir--it's all I've photographed for nearly three years. I am an expert in posing women, and I will guide you into the exact right positions.

#5. You are nervous? Good. If you weren't, I would be seriously worried about you. Being unaffected would mean you are numb to exhilarating experiences. I want you to have the butterflies in your stomach! Once you get here though, I will be your stand-in bestie for the day. There is NOTHING intimidating about me/us! In between poses we are having dance-breaks to Beyoncé and I may or may not be swigging a coke (because shoot days are cheat days, hah!)

#6. I will meet you where you are. Overweight, underweight, getting married, getting divorced, getting older, feeling broken, celebrating a milestone. It doesn't matter, you are ready for boudoir today. You don't need to have surgery first, you don't need to lose another 35 are worth this experience NOW. Remember, "some day" often turns into NEVER. Don't let your excuses rob you of this lifechanging experience.

#7. Most importantly, you have to DECIDE that you really want this. It's a conscious decision to go ALL IN, to make it work, to trust our process, and to desperately desire self acceptance. If you are committed, we are committed. And we won't leave you if it gets hard.

I want to capture the side of you that you don't think exists--the parts of you that you never get to see--the pieces of you that you don't realize are incredibly beautiful. What do you think? You ready to chat, get some info, and figure out if this experience is right for you?

Comment 'ME!' in the comments ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ and I will personally reach out to you this evening with a PM!

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