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Charleston Boudoir Photography Is Priceless

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Charleston SC Boudoir photographer Arthur Ellis from Arthur Ellis Photography
Beautiful young woman looking towards the camera

Charleston Boudoir Photography Is PricelessSelf-love is a huge topic in this group. I often tell you how a boudoir experience will directly affect, support, and further you on your journey to truly love yourself.

...but WHY is self love important? The BIGGEST misconception of ladies who inquire with me is that doing a boudoir session for YOURSELF makes you SELFISH.

I see you. I know you have kids, student loans, bills in general, and a front seat on a never-ending guilt train whenever you spend money on yourself. EVERY SINGLE WOMAN who has ever walked into my studio had ALL the same feelings.

BUT--self love and feelings of worthiness/value/sexiness is VERY important. Self-love is quite literally the foundation on which you base EVERYTHING on. How you FEEL about YOU is the springboard that forms your opinions, beliefs, behaviors...EVERYTHING.

When you are able to view yourself through kinder eyes, it TRANSFORMS how you see EVERYTHING else. When you truly accept yourself, you learn what you will/will not accept from others; you begin to CONFIDENTLY teach others how to treat you.

And once you've got a hang on your own journey, you can begin to lift your sisters, best friends, moms, etc. It's so true: a woman who knows her worth can handle ANYTHING that life throws at her. That is why boudoir is my inhale, life. I KNOW the power of that moment YOU REALIZE you are strong, beautiful, feminine, fierce. I will not stop until every single one of you has had that moment.

When you are the best YOU, you are better for everyone else. Comment below if you want me to personally PM you to answer your questions, tell you all about my payment plans/available dates, and help you book a life-changing boudoir experience.

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