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Boudoir can increase your self-esteem!

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Boudoir can increase your self-esteem! If I had a dollar for every time a client walked in and blurted out, "I have NO IDEA how to be sexy, I don't think I have a sexy bone in my body!"…. I would be a very, VERY rich man. Believe me when I say, none of the ladies whose images I post have EVER walked in feeling confident in their "sexy face" or knowing how to pose.

You wanna know the beauty in all that? I just so happen to be an EXPERT in coaching sexy faces and gorgeous poses meant to flatter YOUR body. It's ALL. I. DO. every. single. day. When you hire me and invest in the experience we are offering, you are signing up for us to HOLD YOUR HAND through this experience. My hair and makeup artist will keep you 100% involved in the getting-ready process (because we want to keep you looking like YOU!). Once you are ready and the butterflies in your stomach are fluttering like crazy, you and I will go over all of your outfit options and I can help you narrow it down to those that make you look (and feel) your best. Then, it's FINALLY time to get started. The only reason you fear this part, is because you have no clue what to expect and that is 100% normal. I start some fun music on Pandora or other playlists and then we start SUPER simple. I have you lay down and look up at me, and I have you breathe through your mouth. That's it. You survive those 5 clicks of my camera, and the rest of the session is history. That ONE very simple pose will be the only one that is daunting, until you realize that the "sexy face" is no more than a breath through the lips, and looking at me. I will pose your legs, your arms, your arch, ALL OF IT.

For you to love this experience and your beautiful images, all that is required of you is FAITH that I will get you through this. You have to trust us, trust our process, trust the knowledge we have gained over years of experience.

The rest? I got you, babe.

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