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Abundance, Transformation & Rest

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Hey friend! Today, I want to put two things on your heart.

You Are A Reflection Of Your Thoughts

#1: You exist in abundance. You are enough, you are doing enough, you have enough. Even if you are walking in a valley, you are still doing an incredible job. Look backwards and see how far you've come.

#2: True transformation doesn't happen in one day, so don't beat yourself up or judge yourself too harshly when you aren't showing up at your best every single day. You are going to have days where even after making huge strides--you have an off day. Continue to focus on just making one step towards your future each day. Say one positive thing about yourself today, drink one glass of water, walk the first mile, attend one event, delete that one contact out of your phone. Just start, and just do one thing to move the needle in the right direction. All of those little decisions are gonna add up big time for you, sister. Because you were made for greatness.

Will you rest? As best you can. Take some time and rest. Tomorrow is a new day. A day where you will make new mistakes and have new wins. You are the most important person in your life -- take care of you.

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