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5 Killer Reasons You Need an AWESOME Professional Headshot

In today’s digital media-driven marketplace people connect with one another through posts, blogs, YouTube, and ads for their products and services. This digital marketplace is now your customer’s first impression of you and your business and it is your way of introducing yourself and/or your business to others. Let’s take a peek at how professional headshots and personal branding can increase your likeability, trust and develop a connection with potential customers.

A beautiful woman's portrait
There are many reasons to get a professional portrait

When scrolling through any variety of social media sites you will soon discover there are really two types of profile images. The first type is easy to spot. I know you’ve seen them, those selfies taken in the bathroom mirror, or at the extension of one’s arm outside somewhere. The awkward smiles, the half-closed eyes and of course the distorted features from using a wide-angle lens too close to your face.

The second type are also easy to spot. They stand in stark contrast to selfies. You don’t see bathrooms, large noses, grainy images and slightly out-of-focus images. A professional photographer will choose a great background, light and pose you to reflect your personality, your business, give you credibility and more. Here are 5 important reasons for using a professional headshot and how to make you and your image and you stand out from the crowd.

A beautiful woman in a lovely sunhat
Props help tell your story story

Professional headshots tell a story about you and the business

Your headshot is the first thing people will come across when they land on your page. Images draw the viewer’s attention and professional ones will allow your personality and expertise to shine through. You do not have to write huge paragraphs to convey a message about you. Your headshot will say it all.

From the expression on your face and background, your image will speak volumes for and about you. When selecting your location, choose the desired look that fits your brand and your business. Ask yourself what background would set the scene and enhance your brand? For instance, if you are a lawyer you might want to be seen among law books or in an empty courtroom. As a doctor, how about a white lab coat, stethoscope or, in a clinic hallway or exam setting? For a professional blogger specializing in blogs for others an image with your computer and pages from your blog with a light and airy background or perhaps a den with plenty of wood and nature color pallet. A chef? How about in your chef coat surrounded with the tools of your trade – mixing spoons, a flour sifter, or perhaps in mid-meal with steaming pots, finished dishes awaiting to be served, cakes, candies, or your specialty? You get the idea.

A handsome gentleman's portrait
Actors, social media mavins need a professional portrait!

Increase traffic and build connections

You might be wondering if headshots actually boost traffic and increases comments. Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs researchers looked at 1.1 million photos on Instagram and found that pictures with human faces are 38 percent more likely to receive likes than photos with no faces. They’re also 32 percent more likely to attract comments. (

Make your headshot a winning image and standout from the crowd

A portrait of a handsome man smiling
Dramatic emotion filled images

Avoid strong patterns, neon colors and stripes. If you must, make sure they are very subtle. I am always surprised at the number of people who wear strips, loud colors and patterns. Your viewers will focus on the stripes, colors, and patterns. Our goal is to ensure your viewers focus on your face not your clothing or other details. SMILE! Convey that you are happy, pleasant to work with, and enjoy having a good time while being professional. Make sure that your smile is genuine and relaxed.

Look directly into the camera. This is important. Looking into the camera creates that important connection with your audience. Choose the background that accentuates your look and connects you to your business or service and your geographic location.

Shows professionalism

A quality headshot will suggest you take your business seriously. A well-done headshot is going to be eye-catching. Your site visitors are immediately drawn to images and particularly your avatar or profile image. Visitors will be able to tell the difference between a selfie and a professional image. You want your grab your viewers’ attention and make an emotional connection.

A gorgeous woman's portrait
You choose your look and I will help you pose.

A professional image is an investment

The trust you begin to build, the message you convey to your clients and the confidence boost you get as a result of a professional headshot will justify any costs you may incur. Remember, this is about connecting with potential clients, conveying trust, and cohesiveness of your brand and when done properly, will increase the likelihood for digital engagement.


Professional photographers have the experience to help you create that image or images you can use on brochures, profile images for social media, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, dating sites, as well as your website. Whether you are a solopreneur, a business professional or using a dating website please level up your image and brand by going beyond a selfie and invest in a professional headshot. Seeing yourself in a professional image will boost your confidence. You will stand out from your competitors who use selfies.


You’ve got this!

Arthur Ellis, is owner and photographer at Arthur Ellis Photography, in Charleston, SC. He specializes in Portraits / Headshots, Family & Children, and Boudoir photography. He can be reached through his website:

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