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10 Stunning and unique ways to hang your photography at home

As I sat there looking at all the images I needed to print, frame and hang I began to wonder how to hang these in unique ways.

I did a little research and wanted to share with you 10 unique, if not stunning, ways to hang your family photography on your walls. Maybe you, like myself, have images to hang and you look for blank wall space and try hard to at least get them up straight let alone artistically. I found that with a little effort and really little cost you can present your family photographs in unique and fun ways to take them from plain to pizazz. Here are the 10 I found that are fun, quirky and downright awesome!

Let’s jump in and see if any of these inspire you.

#1 A wooden ladder. Find a used and worn ladder. You can see that the frames and images in this one range from small to large but I thought this was a nice way to show off the images without having to actually put holes in the wall. (I use command hooks!! ). I’ve seen this before and I find it inspirational. Tap the image to find this and more ideas.

#2. Using old door knobs as picture hooks. Who knew?? I sure didn’t. this is such a clever idea!! Find matching cabinet knobs and clean them up a bit. You will have to put mount them in the wall using a molly or fastener. Tap the image to find this and more ideas.

#3 If you have or can find an old window you can make this cool framed image. Image. Takes a bit of pre-planning. You need to measure the inside frame dimensions and make sure your printer can crop it to that size for you. Square is always easy to size. Clean it up and put cardboard as a backing. BAAAM!

#4.This one is so darn cute and simple to make. It allows for a lot of flexibility as your mood changes and does not require you to have them mounted and framed – Bonus!! Grab some letters from your local craft store, some natural fiber string or lightweight rope and 2 clothes pins per images. How darn cool is this one? One of my favs and I will be trying this one out soon. This is on my 2021 bucket list to hang some of my images. Tap the image to find this and more ideas.