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Are you ready for a professional or personal makeover?

Charleston SC Personal Branding and Headshot Photography

Personal Branding (or Headshot) photography will enhance your image. It's more than just a headshot. Your image is your first impression and plays a crucial role in delivering trust and showing others a piece of your personality. Images help you connect with your audience. Personal Branding photography is more than just a headshot.

You and I will work together to match you, your business genre, colors, light levels and inject your personalty to ensure your images represent your business, and give others a build trust,

We typically shop with our eyes. We make decisions emotionally as much as we do using logic. 

Here are some of the possible uses for personal banding photography: websites, social media (FB, IG, LinkedIn, dating sites/services, etc.), business cards, newsletters and e-blasts, press releases, profile images, and email signature do name a few. 

Personal Branding and headshots are an asset to you and your business. I recommend having new images every two years or so. This will save you money because you will only need to hire a photographer, a makeup, devote your time and other associated costs to re-shoot your images two or three times per year for various uses. Our session will leave you with plenty of images to choose from so you can change them out every 6-9 months. 

Corporate, Executive, Entrepreneur and Social Media Personal Branding and Headshots to represent who you are to the world

I say "our" session because this means as much to me and truth be told maybe even more. I want this to be not just a good experience, I want this to be a GREAT experience!

When I deliver your products you are going to get emotional -- yup, no doubt about it and I am just fine with that. I get emotional too -- seeing you swoon over your images and touching and holding your albums, prints and images.

What's not to get emotional about?

Personal Branding / Headshot Portfolio

At this point, I would encourage you to book a consultation call to at least discuss the possibility of working together. I PROMISE no sleazy high-pressure sales techniques will be used!! :)