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Where does the time go?

Can your world get any more hectic?? It just becomes a stream of consciousness with lists, calls, carpooling, appointments, sports, dance, cheer, shopping, cleaning, demanding hours at work, UGH – there is just no rest for the weary. ☹ But, when the day’s over and you are preparing for lights out, reading a story snuggled on the couch or tucking them into bed you look at their face and remember how much love you have for your kids and how thankful you are for everything. 

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Heart-bursting & emotionally filled wall-worthy images of your rambunctious children and handsome hubby having a blast!

I am a family photographer based in Charleston area of lower South Carolina and work with discerning families who want something special rather than just ordinary. My families want natural images with true personality and to see and feel the family connections every time they look at them hanging stylishly on their walls. My families want to look at their finished images and say, ‘Yes, that's us!’ I specialize in Black & White images but do occasionally share color images. 

You really want family photographs in Charleston!

One of the key benefits of my approach is that it is centered, quite simply, around you. My families love photography and can't wait to get them printed and to display their images in stylish ways that enhance their homes and make their family and friends gasp every time they see them.

Luxury family photography . . .

Being a mom is your calling. You will look beautiful and radiant. You will see the connection to you and your children. Your hubby will look at you and your family as if you all are his world. These photos that scream: "I've done an awesome job as a mom"! 

Photography You Will Treasure

Here’s what we will do . . . we will have a pre-session consultation to knock out all the details like finding the perfect location, maybe your home, a park, downtown skyline or landmark, or maybe the beach.


We will pick out coordinating outfits, discuss the kinds of props that would make the images “pop”, plan out the snacks and all the little details that will make this special. Themes are good! I am going to send you a checklist, so you don’t have to think or plan a thing – just follow the checklist!

I am going to take a ton of images and most of the time about 30 are presentable to you as I have high standards and so should you.


Within a week we are going to get back together for the “reveal”.


This is a big deal too! Have some tissues ready, grab your hubby, parents, GFs, BFFs etc. cause you are going to see some AWESOME images.


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