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Arthur Ellis Photography-Jennifer Felisk

Boudoir Photography For Every Woman

Boudoir photography for your husband, fiancé, partner, or yourself. You’re worth it, you lost weight, have only six photos of just you, you’re getting married, or your wedding anniversary, maybe you’re now divorced, you’re single and happily so. Maybe you had a baby or are pregnant, got a new job or maybe your got a boob job.
There are so many more reasons to do this but whatever your reason:

Do. It. For. Yourself!

Arthur Ellis Photography Boudoir Photography

Safety | Privacy | Pressure-free

Your safety, level of comfort and security are especially important. This experience should be a beautiful, empowering, and fun, not something that taps into life events that make you feel uncomfortable for any reason. If you are comfortable and feel safe our images will be sensational.​

Here are some things you can count on

A private place to change

here you can change, shake off those jitters and take that deep breath.

Total control over outfits, poses and length of the session

If you start to feel uncomfortable, we stop and fix it – no questions, no worries

Show as much or as little as you want

I invite you to show as much or as little as you want to show. From oversized shirts and tops to something skimpier it’s all up to you!

No booze

In fact, please don’t drink alcohol for a couple of days prior to your session. Juices and water are are what I serve.
Your jitters and fears will fade quickly as we start the session!

Bring a buddy!

I say it in the consultation call, it’s in my preparation tip sheet and I text you before the session reminding you it’s fine to bring someone with you.

Your images will not be shared without your permission 

I may ask you for permission to use a few for marketing and my portfolio. You can always decline the use of any of your images without any worries.

Whether you live in Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, West Ashley, Summerville, or Daniel Island I am available to capture your beauty and sensuality. I also am available to schedule sessions in Columbia, Myrtle Beach SC as well as Charlotte, NC.

It's. Not. About. The. Pictures.

A boudoir experience with me is not about the pictures. The pictures are a bonus. My experience is about healing, exploring, uncovering, rejuvenating, and building your confidence. Your luxury boudoir photography will be delivered in luxury albums, beautifully framed wall art or digital files


Jennifer Lynn

Makayla F.

What. Clients. Have. Said.

Boudoir photography Charleston SC.jpg

The shoot did beyond wonders for me. I highly recommended it for any and all women. ❤️ forever grateful for the opportunity and such a professional and funny photographer to work with. I felt so comfortable and I'm beginning to build my self-confidence again and I believe this session will do wonders for me."

UPDATE UPON RECEIVING HER IMAGES: OMG. That is not me!! Amazing. Just amazing. I literally want to cry out of pure joy. I just opened my folio box ❤️ and WOW. The presentation was beautiful. The box and frames are perfect. you out did yourself. Thank you!!"


Makayla F: Arthur from the get go was extremely friendly, kind, and easy to get along and work with. He was very organized and the photo shoot moved smoothly and he was very respectful of time and space. He made the shooting experience unlike any I’ve ever had and I have shot with quite a few other photographers before! He encourages you to be yourself and do what makes YOU feel sexy and confident in your own skin in front of the camera. My overall experience with him was incredible and I would certainly recommend him for your photography or boudoir needs! You will not be disappointed, but you WILL be in for an awesome experience. 😊

A boudoir photo session with me will be stress free. You will get boudoir tips, learn how to pose yourself, and get boudoir photography outfit ideas and other boudoir photography tips.

here are so many more reasons to do this but whatever your reason:
Do. It. For. Yourself!

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