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Journey to Freedom

Breast Cancer Glamour & Boudoir Charity Photography Event

Breast Cancer Glamour & Boudoir Charity Photography Event

Imagine a charity photography event designed to reconnect with your true beauty and show you how the rest of the world truly sees you. You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin and body.

I’ve seen my mother, father and aunt struggle with cancer 1st hand. I’ve supported, cared for and witnessed them deal with the fear, body image issues, the pain and anger.


My heart goes out to these women and I want to make them feel beautiful, feminine and whole again. I’ve always known a photo session can reignite confidence, bravery and self-acceptance and I’ve had women leave a session, just to call or text to tell me they realize their beauty once again. I am confident this will reconnect these Breast Cancer Champions with their inner confidence and femininity.


Our goal is about uplifting and empowering women and I want to gift 10 FREE sessions in the month of October to 10 women.


We want to give back to our local community by donating glamour and boudoir sessions to survivors. My all-female crew and I want to treat you to a day of pampering to focus on your beauty and femininity.


I suspect:

 . . . your story is a powerful story of courage and purpose

 . . . there is a new normal

 . . . that you don’t recognize the woman in the mirror

 . . . hormones have messed with your metabolism and you‘ve gained weight

 . . . that you have scars and those scare you

 . . . that your reconstruction doesn’t look like the breasts you had before

 . . . that your breasts are a part of how you identify as a woman

 . . . that reconstruction is NOT the same thing as augmentation

 . . . that you hair hasn’t grown back the way it was and may have been your signature look your entire life until now

 . . . that you have put your sensuality on hold as you have negotiated your own survival

I will:

. . . help you feel like a woman again

. . . help you bring back that part of yourself that has been put on hold or in a box

. . . help you re-connect with that missing part of you that is the key to regaining your self-esteem and confidence

. . . listen to your story and understand your pain


You will:

. . . give yourself permission to be you and to feel pretty again

. . . feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin

. . . share your story to inspire other woman in their journey.


Please nominate yourself or someone you know who is deserving. Let’s help start the reconnection process to empower and embolden them to feel whole again.

Journey to Freedom
‘A project designed to show breast cancer survivors that the world still sees them as the beautiful woman you have always been
Oct 01, 8:00 AM EDT – Oct 31, 5:00 PM EDT
Location is TBD
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