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Unlock your bravery, confidence and, sensuality

R elax, 

I know you will start out with butterflies and maybe a touch of anxiousness but once you change into your first outfit and strike your first pose you will lose those pesky butterflies and reconnect with your inner goddess

I am Charleston South Carolina's Boudoir Photographer

A boudoir experience with me is not about the pictures. The pictures are a bonus. My experience is about healing, exploring, uncovering, rejuvenating, and building your confidence.

Terrified about doing a boudoir session?

rt, I can't do a boudoir session because: I've had surgery, I am not rich, I had  augmentation, I don't like my tummy, my love-handles, my bingo-wings, my bottom, my legs, neck, my weight, and I have mom-guilt! 
TRUTH BOMB COMING ATCHA!! You don't have to lose weight, you don't have to make a lot of money, you don't have to be in a relationship, or be insecurity-free.
I know that this can be a scary thing. This boudoir session will reveal yourself to the camera, in a strange location, and to a photographer, you have only recently met. I will put you are ease immediately and will ensure you feel comfortable and safe throughout the session.

This. Will. ​Change. Your. Life.

Here's What Will Happen

We will pick clothing and poses to flatter you and make you feel sexy, confident, alluring and beautiful.

My hair and makeup artist will keep you 100% involved in the getting-ready process (because we want to keep you looking like YOU!). After your makeup and hair are perfect you will change into your first outfit.
Now is generally when you notice the flock of butterflies in your stomach which are fluttering like crazy,
Now it's FINALLY time to get started. The only reason you fear this part, is because you have no clue what to expect and that is 100% normal.
I start some fun music on Pandora or other playlists and then we start SUPER simple.
I have you lay down and look up at me, and I have you breathe through your mouth. That's it. You survive those 5 clicks of my camera, and the rest of the session is history. That ONE very simple pose will be the only one that is daunting, until you realize that the "sexy face" is no more than a breath through the lips, and looking at me. I will pose your legs, your arms, your arch, ALL OF IT.

For you to love this experience and your beautiful images, all that is required of you is FAITH that I will get you through this. You have to trust me, trust the process, trust the knowledge I've gained over years of experience.

The rest?
I got you, babe

Chrissy P, Hello everybody. I would like to make a post to brag about my awesome friend Arthur Ellis. Not only is he an awesome photographer, but he is very professional and hilarious!! We had so much fun. Ladies, if you have ever considered doing a boudoir shoot, but were nervous about posing, etc. This is the man to see. He is so easy to work with and will truly make you shine!

Jennifer LynnThe shoot did beyond wonders for me. I highly recommended it for any and all women. ❤️ forever grateful for the opportunity and such a professional and funny photographer to work with. I felt so comfortable and I'm beginning to build my self-confidence again and I believe this session will do wonders for me."

UPDATE UPON RECEIVING HER IMAGES: OMG. That is not me!! Amazing. Just amazing. I literally want to cry out of pure joy. I just opened my folio box ❤️ and WOW. The presentation was beautiful. The box and frames are perfect. you out did yourself. Thank you!!"

Makayla F: Arthur from the get go was extremely friendly, kind, and easy to get along and work with. He was very organized and the photo shoot moved smoothly and he was very respectful of time and space. He made the shooting experience unlike any I’ve ever had and I have shot with quite a few other photographers before! He encourages you to be yourself and do what makes YOU feel sexy and confident in your own skin in front of the camera. My overall experience with him was incredible and I would certainly recommend him for your photography or boudoir needs! You will not be disappointed, but you WILL be in for an awesome experience. 😊


Jennifer F: Arthur was incredibly easy to work with and made the entire experience so much fun. It was easy to relax and get the best possible images. I highly recommend anyone considering doing a boudoir shoot to take the leap and work with Arthur! You won't regret it.

You might not be ready to commit to a session right now -- I TOTALLY get it. Let's chat about your thoughts and discuss your fears. I promise not to pressure or "sell" you. PROMISE!!  Just push the button below and fill out the form.

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