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I can make anyone comfortable in front of a camera in less than a minute!!

I love to laugh and say ridiculous things to put you at ease. It won't take more than a minute to get you to relax and show your natural smile. ​I love nothing more watching you have fun and seeing your personality emerge.

I'm a portrait photographer in Charleston South Carolina and whether it's boudoir, headshot or family photography you are looking for, this is what I can do for you.

I am a potato chip addict - no seriously!! I love those chips that have the ridges on them and once I start there just is no stopping me. Is there a 12 step program for this?

South Carolina's Boudoir, Family, & Personal Branding/Headshot Photographer

Heart-bursting emotion-filled wall-worthy images of you, or your family, or rambunctious children, or hubby. Wall art, matted prints or multi-image matted and framed wall art will bring a smile to your face every time you see your images.


Our photoshoot will be fun and will end up with snuggling and cuddling. This is when the magic happens, the time you all feel the most connected, and you will see it in our images. 

Being a mom is your calling . . .

I am going to capture moments that show the type of relationships you have with your kifs You know: the loving gazes they give you, the way the hold their hand or the way they laugh when you twirl them around. I will grab photos that will scream: "I've done an awesome job as a mom". You will see poses, activities and expressions that remind you that these are my kids.

Worried about the kids and hubby not cooperating or out of control?

I specialize in children-ology!! I totally get youngsters and have a knack at getting them to calm down and smile AND even pull the shy ones of their shells momentarily to capture who they really are . .

 Art, I have a FEAR of being photographed! Can you help me?


It's awkward right? Your smile is tight, and you are hyper-aware of your arms and hands but what do you do with them. Well, you won't have a moment to feel any of those things because I lead you and guide you through the whole experience so that you're never left wishing the ground would swallow you up!

Katie had a fear of being photographed and here is what she had to say:

"Once we got to the session, he made us feel so comfortable! I felt like he was a friend. I was so impressed with how he interacted with our daughter, he was cracking jokes and made her laugh, so much that by the end, she wanted to take more pictures! We are so happy with our photos, and they captured us beautifully. Definitely enjoyed working with Art! " Katie L.