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Your Session

Your days are crazy busy with all the family stuff that planning a photo session is just too much work! To make this easier, when you book your session you will receive a planning guide. What’s in it? – checklists, color guides for wardrobe strategy and more helpful ideas to take the stress out of getting ready for the session, help make make-up, and of course help with wardrobe choices and to take the guesswork out of this process.

Don't worry about your framed images not matching what you already have in your home. Our products will compliment even the pickiest mom’s décor.

Have absolutely  no fear about liking your images! We are going to have a pre-session meeting to plan and minimize any post-session disappointments. If you are not feeling them for any or whatever reason we will re-shoot the session. No question and no worries!

Your images will be saved for one year. Should you need a replacement you can always contract me.

Concerned your kids might have a melt-down, leave their smiles at home, or hubby being grumpy about getting pictures taken? Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, however Arthur has over 30 years of social work experience with families and children. There are not many situations he hasn’t seen in those 30 years and can successfully bring out the happier side of you, your children and even dad!

Don't like to be in front of a camera do you? I think every mom, dad and many of the children say this exact thing! If you wouldn't mind i will share that i am pretty skilled at putting people at ease and making them comfortable. It's the ony way to bring out the beauty in people. 

Everyone has insecurities about something. You, me, we all do. If you share yours with me i will find that solution and make sure that the images don't even come close to revealing those to the world. If you don't share them i will ask the questions that will allow me to figure them out and ensure you are so so beautiful!

When your framed images are delivered if you don’t have time or  not comfortable hanging your new artwork? Please relax!! All sessions come with complimentary hanging of any framed image in the configuration you want. Most sizes can be hung using non-destructive methods.

When or what if the weather isn’t cooperating, or family members come down with colds, or life gets in the way? We are going to reschedule and ensure we pick a time that fits for you and the family.

Many times your pet is considered a four-legged family member. Well dog-gone-it! Bring them along. It’s always best to bring a non-family member chaperon to keep your pet company while the family has had their images taken.

Just click on the Contact Me button or call me at 843.323.0776 and we can discuss your particular needs and pricing.

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