Solitude At Sunrise - arthurellisphotography

Arthur Ellis Photography

I love working with families and children. There is something magical about the energy families bring to a photo session. Their happiness, their feelings for each other, yup sometimes their uncomfortable feelings – you know the “I don’t like being photographed” feelings and all the other feelings we experience. You CAN’T beat it!! I love being behind the camera capturing those moments – the good and the not so good…. It’s exciting.

When the families have gone or it’s too early to shoot or like today when the weather makes it uncomfortable for most you can find me enjoying the solitude of an early morning sunrise – either on a beach, near a river, or in a forest. The anticipation of another sunrise – the excitement of what will be another gorgeous sky, sea, or forest setting. The whole day is laid out before me with all kinds of opportunities and challenges. Everyday behind the camera is another chance to be a better photographer than I was yesterday. These images represent that sense I felt while standing on the beach all alone, no really ALL ALONE!! – it was in the low 40’s with a really strong wind!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and if you click on the image you can have this “Art” work in your home!

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