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Do you know what answer ranks near the top when asked what you would grab if you were running from a burning building? . . . Photographs or the computer WITH the images!! It is estimated that 1.2 trillion images were taken worldwide in 2017. Of that incomprehensible number, only .01% were printed!

Yes, you see that correctly - that is one one-hundredth of a percent. Most digital images nowadays live their entire life stored on a phone or on a hard drive. They go away typically when the phone is updated or dropped and broken, dropped in a lake, river or water or lost when the hard drive crashes. I can tell you at many of the photo sessions I can tell that my families struggle to marshal the organizational skills to get to the session in clean, sometimes matching clothes, hair and makeup done and dad looking spiffy. As the session draws to a close generally mom will say something to the effect of: “can I get the digital photos?”.

Many photographers would be more than happy to oblige that request – and I used to be one of them. That all changed recently.

As we get closer to ending this portion of the journey we think about building a nest egg, or other wealth so our children will be a little more comfortable when our journey enters a new chapter. This is wonderful, however in the end leaving images of frozen movements in time is far more meaningful and far more valuable than the nest egg they inherit.

We make images because they represent moments in-time, moments that mean something to us, something more than just getting there and looking good. The images we print are bricks or stones you lay on your path through this journey we call life and the more you print the more complete your legacy becomes. So, I am not giving digital images to customers anymore except under certain and limited circumstances.

I am now a stone or bricklayer, a mason of sorts that wants to build legacies for families. Families like yours.

Join Lee Ann and Peter as they continue to build Finlee’s legacy – push the “Contact me” button above and let’s continue to build your legacy together . . .

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