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Arthur Ellis Photography

Meet Alexis and Holden!

     On the surface you see wonderful smiles, happy expressions and the warmth that characterizes a mother-son relationship except this one is a little different.

     It’s been a long tough road for this strong, persistent, personal assistance. Alexis is a talented cellist, vocalist and on a hiatus in her pursuit of a graduate degree in speech therapy. Holden couldn’t be more typical, rambunctious – he didn’t sit except to read a few pages in his favorite book. Our session was an active session with and with plenty of direction it was really directed by Holden who was on his own mission to explore the park.

     Alexis and Holden are so awesome and are so much fun to be around. I am fortunate to have had this chance to digitally capture their story and something tells me we will be working together again to capture their story.

Thank you Alexis and Holden!!

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