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A little about me . . . .

I am a husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather and photographer.

Families and children are and have been my life.

I have devoted almost 40 years as a professional social worker building strong and strengthening already strong families.

A sense of humor, a passion for beauty and the oh-so-serious side of getting the details right.

I’ve traveled around the world living in refugee camps helping reunite children with their families or assisting them to find asylum in another county.

I know people. I can sense and gauge what you are thinking and feeling. This is something that makes it easy for you to exude the beauty within you. It will be captured and displayed in some of the most beautiful albums, prints and wall are imaginable.

Families mean everything to me. They are the roots that keep us grounded. Seeing families interact is a beautiful ballet. The ebb and flow of each member creates a symphony of beautiful feelings which I capture and create for you as a work of art.

Enough about me… let’s get back to you . . .

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